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About Us

Affirm Tax & Multi Service LLC is a Texas tax firm that is focused on maximizing taxpayers’ refunds. We serve individuals, families and small businesses toward the goal of growing and securing a piece of the American Dream: God, Family, Giving, Legacy.

Our team does not cut corners and works with diligence to secure you, or your business, the best return possible. If you need help, or have any questions, please call us today! We’d be glad to serve you.

As a tax professional, it truly breaks my heart, knowing that just a few thousand, or even a few hundred bucks for us “regular guys” out of that vast pool of overcharging could make a world of difference–and they are just sitting there, unclaimed! And with the economy we’re facing now…it’s essential that the “right” professional handles your taxes and other financial matters.

You see, all tax professionals are not the same. From the “discount” chains (notice the quotes) to classic accounting firms, most fly through tax season in a disorganized mess–bleary-eyed and hopped-up on caffeine. It’s no wonder that they treat you like a number and lapse into excuses and tax-talk. (I told you that I would be blunt.)


Our Tax Services
High quality comprehensive accounting and tax services:
IRS Representation For You
Tax Planning For Big Savings

For Small Business
“Hassle Free” QuickBooks Setup
“Reset” Your QuicksBooks
“Part Time CFO” Services
Accounting Done For You

Tax Problem Resolution
“Innocent Spouse” IRS Relief
Bankruptcy Options That Work
What Does The IRS “Have” On You
Non-Filed Returns–Done For You


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